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One equal temper of heroic hearts
Indiana, United States
Valparaiso University - Valparaiso IN
Ball State University - Muncie IN (2003 - 2006)
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(writing parenthetical asides), abofl, abuses of power, alfred lord tennyson, anglophilia, arrested development, bibliophilia, black books, blackadder, britcoms, britspeak, cake, classic x-files, classical rome, collecting accents, danny elfman, dead poets society, doctor who, douglas adams, e.a. poe, egyptology, elvis costello, gothic architecture, grand pianos, great britain, guinness draught, hawksley workman, heist flicks, honda cbr1000rr, house m.d., hugh laurie, intj, jaws, jeeves & wooster, john le carré, jurassic park, kahlil gibran, love/hate relationships, men in suits, men on motorcycles, men with huge...stock portfolios, mst3k, mumford and sons, northern ireland, oingo boingo, old school x-files, oxbridge, p.g. wodehouse, paleontology, parapsychology, pendergast, pinstripes, power-hungry geniuses, pre-raphaelite paintings, preston-child, rare books, sad piano solos, sex on pianos, sherlock holmes, skinny blokes/skinny ties, ten-minute obsessions, the classics, the gun seller, the rolling stones, the spy genre, the uk, the west wing, violent displays of affection, when the orchestra swells, woolgathering


"The kibitzer with the untied shoes"

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